Villasimius, Sardinia

Villasimius is in Sardinia (ITALY) and it is a very popular tourist locality, mainly in summer. Only recently it has been opened to a diversified tourism diffused allover the year due to the valorization of historical, archaeological, folkloristical and the natural resources.

The Archaeological Museum of Villasimius is born in the first place for the community’s requirements to better know their own history and roots. Diggings as well as different studies about the territory have brought to light important cultural patrimony.

The aim of the exposition is the understanding of the objects and their origin incl. the reconstruction of the original ambience. The Museum is not only place of collection and preservation but is also used for exchange of information for research purposes between institutions, students and others

The Old Fortress of Villasimius is of architectonical and historical interest and is witness of different historical periods of Villasimius. The fortress’ history is documented by archive pictures.


Our beaches

Villasimius awaits you with its wonderful sea

The sea of Villasimius is the heart of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara: a natural paradise made up of long white sandy beaches alternated with delicious coves ideal for snorkeling.